What is ARMA?

Arma is a division of Redfixfive :: A Boutique Creative Studio and was founded by designer and cyclist Craig Mannino of Redfixfive.  After being exposed to cycling at the Olympic Road Race in 1984, he immediately invested in a road bike and started racing and still continues to do so 30 + years later in Lucca, Italy, the heart of the cycling mecca and the place he now calls home.

Through the years, designing clothing for local and national teams has always been a pleasure for him and now his new environment gives him ongoing inspiration. So much so that he has decided to combine his passion for cycling and his passion for design and elevate the best weapon in your arsenal… your clothing!

ARMA has partnered a cycling clothes manufacturer who understands the demands and performance needs of cycling. They have produced clothing for World Tour, Continental, National and local teams by using only the highest quality Italian fabrics and Swiss precision construction. We will definitely shake up the traditional look but will be clean, sharp… and with Italian style!  The fit will be impeccable as if it was your second skin.

ARMA is an Italian word that means weapon and that’s exactly what these kits will be for you… your TOP weapon; the best looking and the best performing cycling clothing available.